Empowering Businesses For Over 20 Years

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Many of our clients are in urgent situations. We specialize in results.

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Empowering Businesses For Over 20 Years.


Many of our clients are in urgent situations. We specialize in results.



The first step that many companies take in the wrong direction is coming to a false belief that obtaining funds is something to be done alone - believing this process cannot be influenced by anything other than existing factors! Think again.


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We’re fast because we have been doing this for a long time. We already have corrected all the mistakes and inefficient processes of the past. Trust in our capability to serve your needs after seeing what we have approved for you.


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Obviously, the question is how much funding you’re going to get. Just to get some perspective on the 750 Club, and what makes us stand out, realize that you are going to be seeing pre-approvals for amounts up to $250,000.

We Understand Business

Realize we have started thousands of businesses. Some of the major names of high-yielding companies we have had an instrumental role in building are Nova Information Systems, 1st National Processing, and I-Payment Systems.

We Keep Your Business Rolling

When it comes to your money, there is so much more than access to funding to be gained by building a relationship with the 750 Club. Ask us about debt relief, credit building service, lines of credit, credit leasing, passive income opportunities, and more.

Generate Business Growth

Many of our clients end up needing an e-commerce website, a logo, business cards, merchant services, SEO, marketing materials, infographics, and more. Form a connection with the 750 Club and you’ll never find a reason to go anywhere else.

Generational Wealth Builders

We have consulted for high profile entertainers, athletes, and corporate professionals. Ask us all about our lifestyle enhancement and passive income opportunities that are available – and if our 20% commission affiliate program isn’t enough, don’t worry! We’re experienced investors and leasers who are happy to share our capabilities with you!

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